Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wednesday June 10, 2015 - Hanging out with my brother

Yesterday was my electrology session. This was my first session in the new two week cycle. During the weekly sessions, my tech was down to 45 minutes to clear my face. We both agreed adjust my schedule to every two weeks.

After this first two week cycle, it took about 80 minutes to clear my face. Most of my growth in under the center of my neck. There was very little along the sideburn and cheek area. Also there is not much in the mustache area. Even just a few hairs in that mustache area and with numbing cream my eyes still water.

One problem was waiting two weeks allowed my hairs to grow too long. I was asked to trim my hairs (do not shave them) before I return in two weeks. That is going to be tough under my neck, but I will do it about 5 days before my next appointment on the 23rd of June.

We had a nice general talk and I practiced my voice. I am going to start lessons soon. I have been reading about voice work. I think I need a voice coach in the beginning to help me with feedback and confidence building. Then its just a matter of practice.

I put on my makeup after my session because my watering eyes cause my mascara to run and the work around my lips rub off my lip gloss.

I have started wearing lipstick and adding gloss for sheen. You may have noticed it over the last few pictures. I was trying it out first and of course there was no reaction from the public. Lipstick is now a new must when out in Femboy mode.

I am using an older lipstick color. I am going to go lipstick shopping and update my color to a more subtle red. This red is not bad but I its a little off to me. I do not know what I want, but like my wigs, I will know it once I try it.

Once I put on my makeup, I decided to go visit my brother and wait on the movie. I went to Wendy's first to order lunch. I went inside and there was a good size lunch crowd. I ordered a small chili, side salad and a double stack hamburger. Because I did not have breakfast, I needed more calories. So the double stack hamburger added 460 calories to my chili salad of 200 calories. That is more calories than I like in one meal. Normally, I like to keep calorie count around 400. I would have had a small chili, side salad and a kids frosty (treat). 

I spent the day with my brother at his condo working on a presentation and talking with him about his new cell phone repair business.

We had a good time and enjoyed working with him. He is now use to this appearance and we no longer discuss it or he seems to has no more questions about it. Last time I hung out with him, we went out and he appeared to have no issue with being with me in this mode.

I am lucky to have a brother who loves me no matter what.

Next week, I am going to see my mother and I will stay with my sister. She has more questions, so we will talk and I may tell my brother-in-law. That talk will be interesting because I consider him very religious. He is always talking about religion, Jesus and God. He does some part-preaching and they go to a very small a conservative church.

I look forward to that discussion because we have gotten along well over the decades.  

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