Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday June 14, 2015 - Natural and healthy summer glow

Having that glowing skin is an important female trait. I work hard to have a clean and natural look. Both of my electrologists and the sales lady at Ultra Beauty compliment me on my skin.

They use words like clear, natural, glowing and smooth. Those words make my maintenance routine worth it.

I use natural products based on articles, subreddit group comments and youtube videos.

Today, I want to discuss a new routine I do every two weeks for my face. It works because I can feel how smooth my face feels and it looks great. Also my skin color under my neck is clearing.

Every two weeks, I exfoliate my face using a natural lemon. I take a lemon slice and squeeze the juice out of it. Then I rub the lemon slice over my face many times until my face is wet with lemon juice and pulp.I let it sit on my face about a minute or until I feel it beginning to tingle.

Once it starts tingling, I wipe my face clean. Then I use my homemade lotion to add back that facial glow.

Click this link to find out more about my homemade lotion.

I also completed a full body shave followed by a shower to wash off the hair shavings that stuck to my body. Lotion was added after my shower. I feel so nice and soft today.

It's summertime and having glowing skin is very important. I think using natural products, helps. So I stay away from store bought products that have a lot of preservatives and additives.

I not only monitor what I put inside my body but what I put on the outside, is just as important.

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