Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday November 17, 2015 - Goodwill shopping for dresses

After my makeover, I headed to the local Goodwill store which was within one block of the Mall.

I had such a good time with the makeover, I have decided to have a few more just to get different opinions. I am going to set up a Fashion Fair and UTLA Beauty makeover.

Saturday night I wanted to go out. But I need a nice dress. Since I was spending the day as Susan, why not go to Goodwill and try on dresses?

So I went to 2 stores in Orlando and spent time trying on dresses. I was looking for something feminine but not trashy. I spend over three hours looking for dresses and trying them one.

As is common, most of the women I made eye contact with smiled and/or said hello. I returned the smile and the hello. I moved among the ladies just as other women would. I pulled out dresses off the rack and inspected them and in some cases put them up against my body. Those I liked, I placed in my cart.

Below is a slide presentation of  a few dresses I tried on. The ones that were too big or I could not get on because they were too small are not included.

I brought these black shoes for the evening adventure. My youngest daughter bought these for me for my birthday.

They fit my feet perfectly and I look forward to buying a dress that works with these shoes.

It was fun and relaxing, looking for and trying on dresses with no time limit. I went through each dress on the rack in each store. So it took time because I was looking for something that was not to sexy, common or dressy. I was surprised that many of the dresses I chose to try on were sleeveless.

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