Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday November 13, 2015 - My trip home

Friday I will be driving with my brother to Orlando. We will be meeting with my sister to finalize my mother's memorial. To celebrate my mother's acceptance of Susan, I am going to spend Saturday as Susan. For my brother, its no big deal because he has accepted my transition and has run errands with me as a Femboy. My sister, on the other hand has not been so accepting. However she seems to be trying.

On Saturday, I may hang out with my brother but I am not sure about my sister. On my last visit, she did say she was watching episodes of  I am Cait. I took from that, admission that she is trying in her own way.

Below are three outfits. I am trying to figure out which one to wear tomorrow.

I really like this outfit, Its an orange base color outfit with capri pants, multi-color flats, very light and flowing top. I will wear a white spaghetti strap top under the sheer top.

I have worn this white based outfit a few times. I wore it to the Doctor's office, this summer. I love the top with white capri and white flats.

I recently bought a wedge shoe that matches very well.

So I am not sure which pair of shoes to wear.

This is the only dress. Its a cute brown, white and teal dress. I usually cover my shoulders, but depending on the weather, I might wear it.

I have an open toe wedge heel. Its the only open toe shoe I brought. I had a manicure last week and would like to show off my toes.

I will post Susan in all three outfits tomorrow as I choose which one to wear.

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