Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday November 30, 2015 - Transgendered? Come on Ted!

This is not a political blog, its about my transition to happiness and the transgender community. Even though we are making gains, there are people who are constantly working against us. To label us as "other" and use us to create fear.

How can Ted Cruz say the the Colorado shooter (picture on the left) is a "transgender leftist activist"? Mr. Cruz gets this information from a web site called The Gateway Pundit which as the shooter's information from his voter registration card.

My question then, "Is the shooter male-to-female or female to male?". Of course it does not matter. There is no evidence that this shooter is a transgender person, leftist or an activist.

But by bringing this information out in the public, it gives "facts" to those who want to use us to rollback LGBT gains. We must not remain silent about this.

Even if you are not out to the public, please use the virtual world to comment about this fraudulent way Mr. Cruz attempted to smear us for political gain.

Below is more information about Mr. Dear., a video of Mr. Cruz and a news report about the subject.

Blog: Interesting family background of the Colorado Springs shooter

Cruz: The Colorado shooter may have been a 'transgendered leftist activist'

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