Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday November 29, 2015 - I like this outfit

I was shopping at Goodwill today. I went to four different stores. In the second store, I saw this lady in a nice top with a long hemline and skinny jeans with flats.

She has a pair of black jeans and black flats. The top is multi-colored with a black hemline around the bottom and the neckline. The top has flared sleeves

I like that style and look.  It is a nice Femboy look.I have the flats and skinny jeans.  I have a couple of tops like that and I am going to buy some more tops to fit that style.

I also noticed all of the ladies in nice sweater dresses or long sweaters with tights or skinny jeans with knee hi or thigh hi boots.

I do not have a pair of boots that I saw with this style. I am going to buy a pair and wear that style as a Femboy. You can see a few in the collage below.

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