Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday November 22, 2015 - A great day out with my daughter.

I left Atlanta around 11 am and reached TN around 1 pm. This post is a quick over view of what happened. Much more details will follow in the next few posts.

Once I arrived, I took a few minutes to freshen up. I did not take a good head-to-toe picture. The one on the left is me in my daughter's bathroom after I arrived. It was a little chilly, so I wore a nice sweater with grey skinny pants. I wore my creme jacket with my furry creme and brown boots.

My daughter finished vacuuming the carpet and put on her makeup. Next she took me on a short tour of the city.

The city is nice with a growing downtown of new midrise apartments and condominiums buildings.

The tour ended at the tattoo-body piercing shop. I had my belly button pieced and I love it! I will give a detailed description in Monday's post.

The picture on the left is an old picture of me with the coat and boots combination I wore.

After the piercing, we went to the nearest Goodwill and shopped for a while. This store was not as big as most of the Atlanta stores. It also had some new items from local stores.

We went to the dress section and discussed the dresses we saw. My style and taste is more conservative than my daughter. But we made suggests and talked color and how to mix and match shoes with certain dresses.

I found a jewelry area that had some surprisingly large bangles. So I bought a few. I love bangles but can rarely find them in my size.

We walked around shopping and looking at clothes. She is very small at about size 1. I am a 8/10. This Goodwill separated clothes by size, which is better than the Atlanta stores, but it meant, we had to browse separately in some areas.

My daughter selected a few clothes for me to try on. Below are some of the results. It took much longer to try these clothes on a Susan then as a Femboy. The hair and foundation meant I had to take more time and care getting clothes on and off without messing my hair up too much or putting foundation on the clothes.

I am always careful about lipstick stains and earring falling off when in Femboy mode. The hair and foundation added to it my struggles.

1) I bought this white sweater. The color and front design of this sweater gives me many option for wrap. My daughter selected a pair of pants for me to try on. They were a little too tight. That is why it appears I have a muffin top around my waist

2) This was actually sleepwear. It was a nice hooded night grown with front pockets. I still have my creme boots on, but I tried the item on and I like it. It felt so soft. I bought this item.

We had fun finding items and trying them on. My daughter liked a red coat she found for me and suggest that red maybe my color. I tried on about four other items but decided for various reasons not to buy any of them. My daughter picked the orange top below. I liked the color and it had a soft feel to it. I also liked the white wrap.

After we finished shopping, we eat at an Asian Buffet. We were both hungry and could not decide what to eat. Below is a picture of me, just before I got up to fill my place. I removed my lipstick to eat. I saw a Dr. Oz episode about lipstick and that women ingest too much lipstick when they eat with lipstick on. So I take my lipstick off before I eat The lip liner still provides some color after I remove my lipstick.

I also included a picture of the inside of the place. I felt 100% comfortable going up and walking around filling my plate.  I actually went up to the buffet  table three times. I graze at a buffet and try to slowdown while eating.

We had a nice leisurely dinner talking about a variety of items. I remained attentive, sat up and looked my daughter in the eyes while we talked.

I asked my daughter, as we were getting up to leave, when it was appropriate to reapply my lipstick, at the table or in the car? She told me it was a personal choice. I decided to reapply my lipstick in the car.

We left the restaurant and my daughter had to go by her office. I waited in the car because she was only going to be a few minutes. A few minutes later she walked out with a colleague and brought her to the car to meet me. I will discuss this in great detail on Tuesday. Let me just say my daughter is amazing.

We left her job and headed back to her apartment. We talked about a lot of things over the next two hours. By 9:30 pm, I headed back to Atlanta. I did not want to leave. I had so much fun and we both learned so much about each other.

The next few posts with document this trip in more detail and I will try  to communicate my feeling during these posts.

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