Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thursday November 12, 2015 - Running Errands

Yesterday I had my bi-weekly electrology session. Afterward I  ran some errands. I am now so comfortable out as a feminine male, I go anywhere without worrying about the store layout or the people there. Sometimes I feel more comfortable in Femboy mode than in boy mode.

The female clothes represent me and my inner feelings. When in boy mode, I always speak to the cashier or sales clerk. For example, I stopped at Subway to eat. There were men inside and outside the small shop, Its a hangout area for taxi cabs and limos working the airport. They usually stop for gas and food. I pulled up and parked my car.

I got out of my car, walked pass a few taxi drivers, went inside and waited in line. When it was my turn, I ordered my sandwich, telling the lady how to make my sandwich. I was at the checkout counter and the cashier used the Sir pronoun. Without pausing, I told her what was in my sandwich, paid and said thank you, have a nice day. The male pronoun is used sometimes because I am not really trying to pass. But even as Susan (trying to pass), if someone uses a male pronoun, I can now play it off and still act like a lady.

No long will I let one person or event ruin my day either on purpose or by accident.

Another example, I went to my local CVS to use my $5 beauty coupon. I could not find anything I wanted. But I did use a few other coupons and bought some baby oil, paper towels and candy. The clerk just returned my maturity leave. So I asked her how the baby was doing. She smiled and said fine. She wanted to show me some pictures as all new mothers do, but it was crowded. So she said, next time I come in the store, she will show me the pictures. I told her good and welcome back.

This is my regular CVS store and this clerk has seen me in both boy and Femboy mode. She treats me the same way all the time. As I left the store, a lady waiting by the entrance smiled and said hello. I smiled back and returned the salutation.

The rest of the day was non-eventful. I went to Goodwill and the local beauty shop.

I also went to the local Shoe Show to check out some winter boots. I found two pair that I like. As you can tell from the pictures below, I like fur and buckles on my thigh hi boots.

I love the white pair I found. But I worry about keeping them clean. The brown pair were nice but the looked and felt cheap. The material was thin some of the folds from shipping, did not fall out.

I like the white books but I do not have a white winter coat. I do have that black and white Pea Coat, but a white furry coat would look nice with those boots.

I will pass on the brown pair because of the quality. I like the style but will look for a better quality pair.

I am going to Orlando this weekend. I have decided to spend one day and a night out as Susan.

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