Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday November 24, 2014 - Saturday, my daughter took me to her job.

After my belly button was pierced, my daughter and I went to dinner. After dinner, she had to go by her job to see if she was scheduled to work on Thanksgiving. Since she started only 3 months ago, I suspect being low woman on the "totem pole", means she has to work.

We drove up to the employee's parking lot and parked at the front of the building. There were very few cars there. My daughter asked if I wanted to come in. I told her no because she was going to run in and check the schedule real quick.

I said no, not because of my appearance but because she has a job with sensitive information. A non-employee should probably not be visiting during off hours. I did not want her to get in trouble by showing me around while the office was closed.

So I waited in the passenger seat and listened to the radio.

Just a few minutes later, my daughter came out, walking and talking with another employee. I will call the employee Mary (not her real name). They walking directly over to me. I opened the door and spin around in my seat, placing my legs out of the door.

My daughter introduced me as her Dad!

Mary introduced herself and said that now she sees where my daughter gets her style and that we do look alike. I noticed that as Susan, my daughter and I have the same facial structure, nose and hair color. I think its the hair that frames my face in a way that highlights out similarities. I agree, we do look very similar. The last time we went shopping in Atlanta, I took my daughter to my wig shop and the clerk stated that we looked similar.

I shook Mary's hand with  a more limited and softer handshake. She told me how much they love my daughter and she is doing a great job. I thanked them for giving my daughter the opportunity to do what she loves.

Mary complimented me on my boots and hoped I enjoyed my time in town. I mentioned I was headed back to Atlanta tonight. I was just coming to spend the day with my daughter. She said goodbye to me and told my daughter she will see her Monday.

I spun around in my seat, bring my feet back into the car. I am in shock as I realized that I am presenting as a woman, my daughter introduces me as her Dad and Mary treats me with compliments, respect and as another women.

My daughter got into the car and told me that Mary wanted to meet me. I did not know this, but my daughter had already told her friends and fellow employees  that her Dad is a Transwoman and that she gets her style from me.

She told me, I must come back and visit the office during office hours, so she can introduce me off to others.

I said ok, as we drove off.

I am ready!

I was not nervous driving up to her job, waiting in the car, seeing Mary walk up to the car nor meeting and talking to Mary. It felt so natural and it was three women talking.

What was also amazing is how my daughter treats me in public. She is proud of me and my presentation does not bother her. She has told me on many occasions that she is happy I am being authentic.


  1. That is so great, Susan. The story brought me to tears of joy!

  2. Thank you. I cried too, on the way home thinking about the whole day. I am now ready to present as female all the time.