Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday November 23, 2015 - My belly piecing. I love it!

After I had a tour of the city, my daughter took me to the tattoo parlor for my belly piercing. Once I decided, weeks ago to get one, I asked my daughter to find a reasonable parlor.

We parked and walked in. At the front desk, the bearded man asked how he could help us. I told him I wanted a belly button ring. He handed me a form to complete.

While I completed the form, a young lady, about 18-20 years old was waiting to have her nipples pierced. She stated she had a belly pierced but it came out. She and my daughter talked while I finished the form.

Once I completed the form, the piercing guy asked me to pick from among six rings. I did not like any of them. These are the starter rings that must stay in 90 days before it can be replaced. He said these represent the sterile rings they keep in the back.  The other rings which I liked better, were not sterile, so they could not be used.

I thought about going to another parlor, but I figured I can wait 3 months.

The guy treated me nice and referred to me with female pronouns even though he made a copy of my ID with my obvious male picture. My daughter was excited and we looked at the ring choices. I decided on a red/pink ring with a jewel on both ends.

We sat and waited on the young girl to finish her nipple piercing. Then the guy came back to the front desk to accept my payment and discussed maintenance of the ring.

First  they offered to sell me a spray cleaner because I will need to clean it three times a day. At first I was not sure if I wanted to buy the spray. I figured I can make a cleaner that is cheaper. But after talking to my daughter and her issues with her ring, I decided to buy the spray.

The spray was $10 and the piercing with the ring was $35.

After I paid, I followed the guy into the piercing room.

Last week I viewed two Youtube videos of guys getting their belly buttons pierced. So I was familiar with what was next.

My daughter took the next set of pictures.

1) I was asked to stand up straight so that an entry mark could be made above my belly button.

2) The area was cleaned and the mark was made above my belly button.

3) I was asked to lay down so the piercing could be made. He used a needle attached to the ring.

4) He pierced my skin above the belly button area and exited inside the button area. It hurt for just a second.

5) Here is the completed piercing.

6) Here is another view with me standing.

The actual piercing did hurt when the needle pierced the thick part of my folded skin. But some of my electrology work was worse.

As I said earlier, I was told to spray the area 3 times a day and wait 90 days before changing the ring.

I like the color and placement of the ring. But I wanted a larger jewel and a dangle. But I am very happy with the ring. I love the look and feel of it. I can wait 3 months to change it. I am learning not to touch the area.

This ring is going to motivate me to exercise to keep my stomach down.

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