Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday November 15, 2015 - Susan Day Out

Yesterday, I had a great day out and about as Susan. It was a little different than being a Femboy but not much. I was more aware of my walk and talk as I was trying to be a woman. That is different than being a feminine male.

I decided to wear the orange and brown outfit with the brown wedges. I left my hotel room around 10:30 am and did not return until 7:30 pm. I rested until midnight when I went out to a nightclub.

It's going to take a few post to cover the whole day.

This post is a summary of my day. More detail will be provided in future posts.

I started out going to the Mall to get a makeover. So I left without any makeup on. I felt exposed without atleast lipstick on. On my way to the mall, I stopped by a beauty supply store to buy a head band. I figured my hair needed to be pinned back in order for the makeup lady to work on my face.

From the beauty supply store, I went to the mall. I had a great time and spend about 90 minutes and bought $75 worth of products.

After the Mall, I went shoe shopping at Payless Shoes. Most of the stores in that area, did not carry the larger sizes or the selection was poor. Out of three stores I went to, I only found two pair I liked and I bought one of them.

This open toe heel was nice. I had tried that style on before but in different colors.

This ballerina flat is black and silver. It was on sale for $10 and I had a 30% off coupon. So I bought it.

Next I went to CVS. I needed a darker lipstick that was a little lighter than the lipstick put on during the makeover. I also needed some nail polish and remover. My hands were terrible. I had recently cut my finger nails down because I was loosing control over them. When that happens, I usually cut all of them off and start over. Some were longed than others, the cuticles were in fair condition and they were splitting and cracking.

Now I want to go out as Susan and my nails are to short. I put some clear polish on Saturday morning. But I need a set of sculptured nail. I did not have the money or time to go to a nail salon. I decided to leave my nails clear during the day. But since I am going out later in the evening, I wanted to paint them.

My feet started hurting after about 4 hours. Now I know about woman's feet hurting and wearing cheap Payless shoes all day. A woman can walk all day a pair of well-built and expensive shoes. I did not get off my feet until 7:30 pm. By then, my feet and ankles were hurting. I gingerly walked back to my hotel room, from the car. I ended up soaking my feet in a tub of hot water. After about 30 minutes, my feet felt better.

The Payless Shoes are OK when I am out only a few hours but over 8 hours was too much. I was trying to walk like my feet did not hurt but they were barking loud (Lol). I am going to have to find a nice source of quality women shoes in larger sizes. I know Neiman Marcus is one store that carries larger size quality shoes.

My next major problem, was my need to use the restroom. I had to go, starting at 4:30 pm. I tried but could not find a unisex bathroom within 6 miles of where I was. So I waited until I got back to my hotel room at 7:30pm. With this being Florida, I did not want to make a mistake about which bathroom to use.

I had a great day and felt relaxed. As I write this post, early Sunday morning, I miss Susan and her wardrobe.

My feet are hurting bad from those shoes I wore to the club.

On the way back from the club, I stopped at a tattoo parlor to ask about the cost of an ankle tattoo. I was told that it will cost between $60 to $100. I wanted a rose or butterfly on my ankle. I really wanted a temporary tattoo. But when I asked the lady at the front desk about temporary tattoo. She smiled and said they only do permanent tattoos. She showed me a few roses and butterflies that I liked. But I decided to wait

I have been thinking about a tattoo. But  I need a temporary tatoo. I want to show it off while in femboy or as Susan. But not in boy mode. The belly piercing can be hidden when in boy mode. But the ankle tattoo may show in boy mode. So a temporary tattoo can be washed off and thus not seen while in boy mode. I need to find a tattoo parlor that will create a temporary tattoo. I doubt I will find one. I have watched a few youtube videos and will need to learn how to create my own.

Well its getting late (2:30 am) and I am very tired with sore feet. But it was worth it. Also, I now have some foundation and setting powder, so I can practice and learn more about makeup.

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