Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday November 14, 2015 - Susan's day

Today I am in Orlando Florida. It's going to be a beautiful day with temparature around 80 degrees and sunny. Its a perfect day for Susan to spend the day out.

In yesterday's post, I showed three outfits I might wear today. I brought two suitcases on this trip. Susan's suitcase was bigger than my boy mode suitcase.

I drove with my brother and he laughted at me with two suitecases. I reminded him that Mom always had alot of suitcases. I am just maintaining the tradition.

Below, I have pictures of me in each outfit I brought.

This is the white outfit I wore to my Doctor's appointment inwhich he agreed to start me on HRT when I am ready (June 2016). The picture on the left shows me wearing my new stripped wedge that matches my top. I like it better than the picture on the right with just white flat. I want to wear something new today.

This outfit below is new. I found this pretty flowing top last week. It matches my light organge capri pants. On the left, I am wearing a nice multi-color flat. On the right, I am wearing a nice open toe brown wedge. I like the wedge shoe because it shows my pedicured toes.This outfit is causal and the flowing top is nice and it represents how I feel. Also, the fall colors match the season.

I am leaning toward wearing the outfit on the right.

This is the only dress I brought. I like this dress because of how it hugs my body. The length is good and I worn the brown peep toe wedge. I am not going to start my day with a dress. Most women around here are not wearing dresses. I may put it on this evening when I go out to dinner.

I have alot of things I want to do today. My main activity will be going to a makeup counter and get my makeup done.

I will discuss my activities today over the next few posts.

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