Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tuesday November 3, 2015 - Sunday I did 180 minutes of cardio

I decided last Friday that I was going to try to complete 60 minutes of cardio Friday, 120 minutes on Saturday and 180 minutes on Sunday. I create these goals as a way to motivate myself and not get bored with my workout.

My current overall weekly goal is 6 or 7 hours of cardio plus an hour of stairmaster warm up.

I messed up Saturday by being late to the gym. So I could only complete 60 minutes before they closed.

But Sunday, I did 180 minutes. It was hard but fun.

I started with 15 minutes of warm up. I then moved to an elliptical machine in front of the TV showing the Falcon's game. The first hour was easy. That is now my minimum workout. After I finished, I stopped for about 2 minutes to drink some water.

I then got back on the machine for the second hour. It was not bad as I watched the Falcon's fumble away the game. I like exercising while watching sports or a good movie because normally I would be home on the couch watching it. Why not go to the gym and complete a cardio session while watching it. It makes the workout session go faster.

The third hour was a different story. I felt a tightness in my upper left thigh that lingered for the whole hour. I labored the last 20 minutes but I tried to concentrate on the Falcon's overtime game. They lost but I am a Jamis Winston fan from his FSU days, so it was still fun to watch.

After I finished, I felt great because I accomplished my goal. but I was exhausted. As I left the gym, the front desk employee stated that he was impressed with my workout. I told him I was getting ready for Thanksgiving and this would allow me to eat all of the good food that day. He laughed and said that I was definitely in shape. I said thanks and slowly walked out the door.

I got home and made a smoothie and drank 32 oz of water. My clothes were soaked. Even my ankle socks were wet. As I got into the shower, I notice my whole body was getting sore and I had an overall exhaustive feeling creeping over me.

Once I got out of the shower, I drank another 32 oz glass of water. I warmed up some food and I felt my feet begin the cramp. Which means I needed more water. So I drank another 32 oz glass of water. After I ate, I began to feel better.

My brother came over so we could watch the Walking Dead. Also, I wanted him to see this new great TV show called Ash vs The Evil Dead. My brother and I saw the original 1981 Evil Dead movie in the theater during his Sophomore year in College. It was also my second year teaching at the college. Not only was it a great movie but it was a nice bonding moment as we were both away from home and just hanging out.

That Stazz TV show is a "do not miss" show for me. It reminded me of the 1981 movie that was scary and full of gore, blood and craziness.

Anyway, Sunday was a fun day of working out and hanging out with my brother.

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