Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday July 29, 2016 - Facebook Live is very powerful. It helped this Transwoman

A Transwoman turned on Facebook Live when her community service supervisor began a sexually suggestive discussion.

Now the Honolulu boss is facing criminal charges—and is under investigation for claims, captured on video, that he allowed other community-service underlings to go home early in exchange for sexual favors.

Makana Milho, 21, told The Daily Beast she feared for her safety when she began recording her interaction with the creepy city groundskeeper.

According to the mayor’s office, Villanueva Jr. was placed on administrative leave without pay pending an investigation by the parks department. The community service program is also being probed, the office said in a statement.

Milho said if she hadn't recorded her interactions with Villanueva Jr., no one would have taken her seriously. She risked Villanueva Jr. calling her probation officer and being sent to prison.

Facebook live is a powerful communication tool that will change the way we communicate and document human interaction.

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