Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wednesday July 20, 2016 - 60 and counting

Today is my 60th birthday. Time  flies when you are having fun. I remember my grandparents when they were in their early sixties. I though they were so old.

Here is a picture of me at about 4 years old (1960?) )with both my maternal grandmother (right) and paternal grandmother (left). This picture shows my material grandmother at about 50 years old and my paternal grandmother at 60 years old.

Now I am at their age and I am the grandmother.

I wonder what my young self (15 years old) would have thought about it taking 45 years to get to this transition point in my life. At 15, 45 years is along way out. At 60, 45 years ago was yesterday.

I feel good and look forward to another 20 or 25 years.

What I find interesting that so many things happened during the year of my new decade.

  1. When I turned 20 (1976), it was the country's 200 year birthday (July 4th).
  2. At 40 (1996) was the opening full day of the Atlanta Olympics. I had a contract to manage two car parking lots around Atlanta. My wife and I worked July 20, 1996 from 5 am until 1 am the next morning and it was so hot that day (high of 99 degrees). There was zero shade on that parking lot.
  3. At 50 (2006) I had just finished and won on an episode of Deal or No Deal
  4. At 60 (2016) 20 year anniversary (today) of the Olympics and on HRT.
  5. At 70 (2026) 9 years as Susan King full time?
The next 20 to 25 years is going to be fun!

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