Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday July 11, 2016 - Bummer

I had a doctor's appointment today to get some blood work and speak to the doctor about my HRT. However, I had to reschedule because of a conflict with a very important client. So I rescheduled for Friday. That might work out because afterward I can join Karen and go to the movies.

But I really wanted to ask the doctor a few questions and tell him how well things are going.

Yesterday was hot in Atlanta and I decided to work on my car all afternoon. I needed to shampoo my carpet and seats. It took me three hours and I was sweating alot.

Afterwards, I had problems with my fingers cramping. To the point I had a hard time eating because I kept dropping my fork. I was drinking water because usually my cramping is due to dehydration. I drank over 64 oz of water over a two hour period before the cramping and soreness went away. I would drink a 16 oz glass of water and wait to see if that would stop the cramps. When it did not, I drank another glass of water.

I usually try and drink 20+ ounces at a time. But for some reason, I did not have a taste for water and it took awhile to drink the 16 oz glass of water.

Taking the 200 mg of Spironolactone daily does require me to drink a lot of water and I am drinking about 60+ oz per day. But overdoing it in that hot sun forced me to drink more water and I had a tough time with it.

Speaking of Spironolactone, I purchased my first refill yesterday. I used a coupon from GoodRx and reduced the cost of my Spironolactone from $53.79 to $24.09. That is over a 30% discount and brought my monthly medicine bill down to $41.09. I paid $70.79 last month.

I expect by the fall to not need Spirononlactone because the estrogen should be able to keep my testosterone in check my then. Once that medicine is gone, my monthly medicine cost will drop to $17.00.

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