Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday July 18, 2016 - Tri-Ess on Phil Donahue in the 1980's. WOW

I remember in my late 20's and early 30's, seeing Phil Donahue talking about "crossdressers". I realized I was not alone and I was a "hetero crossdresser". Watching these shows in the late 1980's helped me tell my parents in 1990, that I was not "cured". By then I was married with two children and I guess they figured, I was OK, just with a fetish.

I joined the Atlanta chapter in 1991 and went to a few meetings every year until 1994. 1994 was the year I spent my first full week an a woman on vacation in Hilton Head, SC. I soon realized I was more than a "hetero crossdresser", so I left Tri-Ess.

But I will always thank Tri-Ess and Phil Donahue for helping come out of that closet.

I am no longer in that closet. I am moving at my own deliberate pace into the public.

Below is a short clip from one of Phil's shows about crossdressers. The words used even in an enlightened environment is so different from today. Some of the audience questions are unbelievable. It shows a different time.

 The technology difference is unbelievable. But I remember those days and outfits.

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