Saturday, July 2, 2016

Saturday July 2, 2016 - Bra Shopping

The day I had planned did not workout. On Thursday night I installed my first advertising machine and had some problems. So I knew I had to go back on Friday. Also, one of my real estate clients wanted to meet with me for lunch. This meant I needed to be in boy mode for Friday.

I no longer had time for a pedicure but I was still going to go bra shopping.

First, I went to Walmart because I needed to get an oil change for a used car I was asked to sell. While waiting, I walked over to the Women's section and shopped for bras. It did not bother me that I was a "guy" looking at bras. I am really a women crossdressing as a guy. I noticed a set of bras that had two sizes (34B/36A). Earlier, I had measured my body under my breast line and I was 35 inches. Even though the 36A bra I had at home fit well, I wondered how a 34B would fit. I decided not to purchase at Walmart.I just did not see anything I liked.

Later I went to Belks. I looked at their selection and they had some nice ones, but none of them grabbed my attention. Most were underwire and mature looking. But for me, I am a young teen looking for something cute that was colorful and had lace. I did not want an underwire old woman look. Right now I do not need an underwire bra.

My next store was Kolhs. I buy some of my panties from here because I like their variety and prices. I found a nice selection of colorful bras and in both 34B and 36A. So I decided to go into the men's dressing room and try both sizes on. I wanted to see the difference.

The first one was the 34B. The problem was that it was too tight around my body. You can see the skin puffed out under the band. Also the bra was a little to tight under my arms and the straps sat toward the outer edge of my shoulders. I could have loosened the straps a little to give more room under my arms, but the band was already at the outer most line of hooks. I could now tell that this size was too small. At least for this brand.

Next I tried the 36A. This size definitely had a better fit. I felt more comfortable and it did not cut across my body. It was wider and not only gave me more room but I liked how it the straps laid on my shoulders. The straps were more in the center of my shoulder. This bra just looks better on me.

The problem with this bra was that it was an underwire and the price was above my budget. So I left without buying.

Finally, I went to a used clothing store. It was not Goodwill because they keep their bras in a bin and I did not see much of a selection. So I tried a more "upscale" second hand store. They had their bras hanging up by size. I went over to the size 36 rack. They had the type of bras I was looking for. There were a few colorful ones that were not underwire and the price was within my budget. So I bought two that  matched the color of some of my panties.A green with silver and a pink. A girl must have a pretty pink bra.

I could not try them on because this store does not have a changing room. But I feel pretty confident about the fit. I am going to wash them Saturday with my other laundry. Today happens to be laundry day.

I had fun shopping for a bra. I was not able to make a day of it or dress appropriately, but I did enjoyed it. One of the readers commented on Friday's post about a Griffin, GA store. I use to go there decades ago when my children were young but I had forgotten about it.

I am so glad she reminded me because I am going to take a day trip next week to visit that store and a few Goodwill stores in the area.

BTW, I upgraded my phone Friday and I hope to have better picture from now on. Also, I did fix the ad machine, it was a bad keyboard.

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