Saturday, July 16, 2016

Saturday July 16, 2016 - Out shopping Friday

I have so much work to do, I do not have the time or money to do a lot of shopping. But I did get out yesterday. Dressing as Susan is moving from a special occasion to my normal dress. I am still on both sides of the divide but I am slowly leaning toward Susan as I expect to be full-time with the year.

I went to my local Payless to check out the fall shoes and the summer shoes on sale. The sales clerk at this store knows me in both male and female roles. The last time I came as Susan, she said the other clerk as well as her had wondered where I had been. Today was no different, she was glad to see me. She showed me some new styles and we talked for about 15 minutes about shoes she liked and ones I liked. She also remembered that I like flats over sandals.

I spent about 30 additional minutes trying on shoes. Below are some of the shoes I tried on.

 I tried on some flats first. This one had a demin color look to it. It was comfortable, but was a little too light for the demin skirt I had on.
 This was a comfortable marron flat. Its similar in style to the blue shoe above.

This was a very comfortable blue ballerina shoe. The material was soft and mesh-like. My toes and the front of my foot was comfortable and the shoe had a very soft and nice feel to it. I told the clerk that I am going to buy a pair of these at the end of the summer, when I get a coupon. We both laughted.

 I need a nice brown shoe and this maybe the one. The clerk told me that  the clunky heels are in. I do not like them, but I will get use to them. However this heel works with this shoe.

What makes the shoe for me is the way it hugs my ankle.The top strap has a buckle and allows me to pull it tight around my ankles. I think I am going to buy this one, once its on sale or I get a nice coupon.

These shoes will work with my brown outfits.

I like this style shoe with the different color strap along the front. I saw a lady with with a brown pair of shoes like these. The front strap was creme and the rest of the shoe was a dark brown. I thought they looked so pretty. So when I saw these shoes, I had to try them on.

The only problem I had was the ankle area, Eventhough they had an adjustable strap around the ankle, I could not get it tight enough around my ankle because the back piece over my heel and up my ankle was too stiff and would not bend forward enough to give a tight look around the ankle.. So there was a gap between this part of the shoe and the back of my ankle.
Here is another view of the shoe. I like how it looks in the front but not the back. So this is a no.
I have a few of these wedge styles. There are a size 12.  The brown one hurts my feet. This was a 12W which did give me more room. But there was too much room in the heel area and my heel kept slipping out of the shoe. I could not find an 11W. Maybe that might work. I will try on an 11W next time, if I can find one.

I had to try one sandal. It was on sale for $10. This is not a good picture of it, but it did fit well. I am just too self conscience about the size of my feet to wear them.

I did not buy any shoes but had fun shopping and talking with the sales clerk.

I did make one mistake. I saw a shoe in the storage area above the rack. I got on my tippy toes and pulled the box out. Four other boxes fell to the ground on the next isle.Oops!. I had to go over to that isle and put the shoes back in the correct box and put them neatly back up in storage. The clerk must of heard the fall and came over. She was nice about it, but told me that she would help me next time. Oops!

As Susan, I should ask for help from the clerk and not be too independent. I know Payless does not want anyone doing what I did because what if someone was trying on shoes in that area.

But it made me wonder if that is female protocol to ask for help while shopping. Maybe next time I will ask a random women shopping in my area for her opinion or help, just to see what happens.

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