Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday July 10, 2016 - 1 month measurements

Once a month, I will take measurements to document the physical changes that are occuring while on HRT. This is the first month and I was deciding how to present this data. I could use a graph, but I thought using a body picture would be better. I took pictures of myself, but I felt awkward showing myself, even with my face nor showing. I think its a little beyond the blog showing a naked body shot, even without my face and a blank over my private parts. That may change, but I like the picture below. 

The only changes were an increase in my breast line and a decrease in both the area under my breasts and my waist at the belly button. How my clothes are fitting support these changes.

My breast line is not growing out as much as the width and fullness of them are growing. The base is getting wider. Karen and I went to the movies yesterday and she noticed them. She told me that at times when I moved and my shirt tightened across my chest, she saw a slight outline which she never noticed before when I was in boy mode. She recommended that if this growth continues that when in boy mode, I wear my sports bra, a tight T-shirt and then a loose shirt. I agree and will monitor this over the next month or two.

The only other changes were under my breast and waist areas. Both of them shrunk which was nice because it is giving me more of an hourglass shape. I did go to the gym about 10 times during the month. I am going to use this change to try and motivate myself to go more often. I would like to get down to a 32" waist by Thanksgiving ( 4 months - 4 inches).

Karen also felt that my shoulder area was smaller. I told her that I did not measure that area before, but I will add the measurement, so I can monitor it. Of course the bone structure will not change, but the muscle and fat may. This could take an inch or two off the area.

So today my shoulder area is 45". This is 5 inches more than my hips at 40". I want to see if that ratio will change over time.

My body is headed in the right direction and started moving faster than I thought.


  1. Hi Susan, You're blog photo is awesome! I love the way you present the data in this post.

  2. Thank you. I hope this will help others decide about HRT and what to expect.