Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday July 22, 2016 - Spreading Good Karma

I have been having some bad luck in my business lately, so I decided to spread some good Karma out there and it seems to be working.

I believe the universe consists of energy (Karma), both good and bad. I am always trying to push out good karma in hopes of getting good karma in return.

I have mention in a previous post that I have a pass from a large movie chain that allows me to receive up to three movie ticket at any of their theaters at any time. A former student is a manager and gives me one every year as a thank you gift.

On Saturday, my middle daughter's fiancee wanted to go see Ghostbusters. So my daughter drove us to the movie. He only wanted 1 ticket. So  I thought, why not get three tickets and give two of them away as an act of kindness.

I received three tickets for the 3D showing and gave one to my daughter's fiancee. I then set out the find someone to give two tickets.

It was early in the day as the movie started at 10:45 am. I was looking for a mom with one or two teenagers. I figured they were headed to see Ghostbusters. If the children were too young, they were probably headed to one of the cartoon movies.

I saw a young 20-something couple headed to the outside ticket counter. So I asked them if they were going to see Ghostbusters and if so I have two tickets. Be for I could finish, the guy brushed me off and asked "How much I wanted for them?". I said they were free and he asked why did I ask them. I told them that they were a handsome looking couple. The woman smiled but the guy walked off.

If felt bad  Karma coming from him.

Then I saw a mother with two teenage boys. As they got in line behind the couple, I asked her if she was going to see Ghostbusters. She said yes and I handed her the two tickets and said I was not going to be needing them and for her to enjoy the movie.

I saw the two boys smile as I walked away. Its my Supergirl moment. Its like Supergirl coming in to save someone and then flying off with waiting for the accolades. But I got the feeling the tickets will help her.

Doing good deeds makes me feel better and gives me a brighter outlook. It makes me look at the world in a more positive light which makes me more accepting of positive energy that maybe coming my way.

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