Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thursday July 28, 2016 - Not too bad.

I had my now monthly electrology session, yesterday. It went well and did not hurt anymore than usual. I was worried that the hormones would make my face too sensitive. My tech asked me to move my session to every three weeks instead of monthly.

I am not sure why, because she was able to clear my face in just over 1 hour.

I did make a mistake by shaving too early in the month. Therefore my facial hair was too long. My facial hair is thinning but in August, I will shave my face just 1 week before my session instead of two weeks. I only need to shave once between between sessions.

I no longer have a beard shadow. I just shave just to keep the few facial hairs short. That way it is much easier for my Tech..

Below is a short video of  electrology in practice. You can see the needle going in and electrifying the root. Then the tech uses tweezers to remove the hair. It's that shot of electricity that hurts.

E3000, in Dallas numbs your face with shots of lidocaine. With lidocaine, you feel nothing. This allowed them to have one tech on each side of your face working up to 6/7 hours each to clear a heavy beard. I has zero pain expect for the few shots of lidocaine. It took me 18 months with sessions every 6 weeks (12 sessions). It was actually 10, because I missed two sessions due to work related issues. Once they were able to clear my face in four hours as apposed to 14 hours in the beginning, I moved to a local shop near my house.

I did enjoy those trips to Dallas. I took the Megabus and stayed at a local motel that was near the shop.

At my local Atlanta shop, Southside Electrolysis, she uses a numbing cream, which reduces but does not eliminate the pain. The worst area is the upper lip and under the nose. The nose area always makes me shed tears. Its been 19 months, starting weekly (first 6 months), then every 2 weeks for 12 months and now monthly. We are going back to every 3 weeks, starting in August.

You can see from the video, its a time consuming process.

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