Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday July 25, 2016 - Dress Shopping

Earlier this month, I went dress shopping at Kohls. I usually go to Goodwill because of the variety, price and my wardrobe is in flux because of my body changes. I do not want to spend a lot of money of clothes this early into HRT.

I like to shop at Kohls for panties and now  bras. They have a good variety and the discount rack has reasonable prices.

However, I did not like the selection of dresses. Next time I am going to try Ross or Burlington Coat Factory.

I walked around the store looking in the discount section and the regular woman's section. I could only find three dresses I liked. I found a 10/12 size in all three dresses.

However, only one dress fit well. The other two, which are hanging behind me, did not fit well. I could not find, the other two, in a larger size.

One reason they may not have fit is due to the HRT and my changing body. I am gaining weight in some areas and losing weight in others. Or the sizes  run differently with Kohls' dresses.

This dress was a button up dress which was like a long shirt. The hemline reminded me of  a shirt with it longer lenght in the front and back. The hemline was a nice length and I like that shirt style because the hem rose a little on the sides which gave it a more casual look.

The color and print were nice and I liked that it was sleeveless. I decided not to buy it because it just did not feel right at the shoulders. It was a little tight. Hopefully as I lose muscle, I will have more room in the shoulder area.

This could shrinking shoulder area could be offset by my growing chest area. This is why I have to be careful spending a lot of money on my wardrobe until I get closer to going full-time.