Saturday, July 9, 2016

Saturday July 9, 2016 - 1 month on HRT

Tomorrow is my 30th day on HRT. The first week or two I saw and felt some changes which I discussed in a recent post. I seem to have found a level in which any changes that maybe occurring are slow and I can not notice them. Based on reading other blog posts, articles, redditt posts and youtube videos, this is normal.

Because I see myself everyday in the mirror, the changes will be so slight until one day you look and say, wow.

I am taking my meds on time, twice a day and drinking plenty of water (60+ oz) and limiting soda and junk food.

During the first two weeks, my appetite increased significantly. After my evening dose, I became very hungry and would eat like crazy. Now, my appetite is getting back to normal and I am eating much better since the Grandchildren moved. No more junk food in the house. So when I am hungry at night, I eat a large salad, fruit and/or make a smoothie.

I am having a difficult time motivating myself to exercise and my energy output during my workouts have dropped. I thought this would happen, but I assumed it would take a few months. So I still have a little stomach that I wanted to work off during the spring. Now I have to control my caloric intake more and try and force myself into the gym three days a week.

I have a doctor's appointment on Monday for some blood work and a talk with the doctor. I may have to reschedule  because of a very important meeting.

Today I am going to an early movie with Karen in boy mode. I am wearing my green and silver 36A bra. I love this bra because of its full coverage and nice snug fit. I can tell by my male shirt that my upper body is getting slightly smaller. The shirt hangs differently at the shoulder. Also, my breast line is now slightly showing. This shirt is green with a loud multi-color print that helps hide my chest. But this will become an issue or might already be an issue with some of my male solid color shirts.

Tomorrow will be my first monthly post based on my body measurements. Before I started, I took six body measurements. Each monthly, I will remeasure and compare the numbers to my pre-HRT measurements. I want to record the physical changes on a monthly basis.

I did this with my weight loss for 18 months and it was amazing to see the results and where and when the weight came off. I hope to do a monthly HRT post for 24 months.

I have taken pictures but I am not sure if I want to use stick figures or my actual picture. I am still trying to decide.

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