Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday July 31, 2016 - HRT end of Week 7

Its now been 7 weeks. My main problem is drinking enough water. I am starting to get constipated. I read a few reddit posts that stated constipation was a result of HRT that included spiro and not drinking enough water.

So I must remember to drink enough water. That is still difficult for me. I was doing great in the beginning but I am falling back into my old habits of not drinking enough water and wanting diet soda. I keep 30 oz cups in my car from Quicktrip and Racetrac gas stations. That way I can use the cup in the appropriate store and get free ice water. But I still need to drink the water and not let it sit in my car.

I have stopped exercising but I still watch my calorie intake. I am taking in more calories which includes some sugar. I need to watch this because it was my exercising and calorie control that kept my diabetes in check. However, I want to see if the extra fat goes in the female areas. I can always go back to my old routine to lose weight. But it will be harder as my metabolism slows and my mental toughness weakens.

I have not noticed any more changes from last week

Slightly more fat on hips, butt and thighs
Areola is swelling and protruding out
Nipples are projecting out

Overall, I am moving in the right direction. But its hard to know if its really showing or just wishful thinking. Sometime when I walk or move a certain way, I rub against something new on my body. It is like something is there that was not there before.

For example, typing this post, I use my right hand and my right breast is there as I crossover to type. It happens with every key. It use to not be that way.

Another example is that this past Wednesday or Thursday, I was getting dressed and noticed my butt jigged as I put on my pants. I looked in the mirror and did not see and changes but felt that my butt area had more fat and less muscle.

Next week will be the end of month 2. Most charts say that the changes really start of occur toward the end of month 3.

These next 4 weeks are going to be important.

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