Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday July 21, 2016 - HRT changes

Now that I am in my second month, taking my daily meds is just a normal part of the day. But it's exciting when I wake up and see a slight change.

This morning I noticed a slight change. My body circumference between my belly button and my arm pits is shrinking. I noticed that the area between my belly button up to my breasts was slightly narrower. I could see more of a gap between my arms and my upper waist area. Woman have a higher waist and its that area that looks smaller. I measured the area and it does appear to have reduced about a 1/2 inch.

Also, I think the circumference around my breasts is shrinking but is being off set by a grow in my breasts. So my breast area circumference is the same but my breasts now cover more of that area

If I look from my arm pits down to my stomach, that line is straight on both sides and makes me look smaller. The only problem is that tire around my stomach. Once I get rid of that, I will be straight down to my hips which are accumulating fat.

My feminine shape is coming along. I just need to help it out.

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