Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wednesday July 13, 2016 - My face is changing

I was looking in the mirror this morning. My face is changing. I noticed a very slight change. There is a dark line starting outside of the apple of my cheeks and running perpendicular down toward the outside of my mouth. Also my cheek area from the jawline inward toward this new line is darkened. It looked like I used contouring to darken this area.

I could not understand what happened. I like the look but how did this natural shading happen. I felt along my cheek bone and the skin looks a liitle raised. I think some fat may have been deposited there which raised my cheek bone area from the apple back and up toward the temple area.

Its a very slight change but adds some femininity to my face. I had read about this from others in which there seems to be no change and then one day you see a change.

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