Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tuesday July 12, 2016 -Working from home today.

For almost 60 years, after my morning shower, I grab some male clothes and get dressed. Except for those few times, I dress as Susan  or a femboy when an outing is planned or a want to dress at home.

For the last few days, its been different. After my morning shower, I naturally gravitate to my woman's closet. Its as though my mind is now says this is normal. Today I am working from home. So I let that new instinct play out. I know understand way many transwoman on HRT just go full-time one day. I was planning on 2017, but I now feel like forget it, this is me and I will just go for it. No more planning. No more predicting who, what, where or why.

I only put lipstick on this morning. I just feel that its the only makeup I needed this morning. I should probably at least add mascara, eyeliner and fill-in my eyebrows. A little foundation and blush might help, but I just felt like lipstick this morning.

Today I am wearing just a T-shirt with some cut-off and rolled up jeans. I have to finish cleaning my car today and wash it. So I am wearing this causal outfit.

I am wearing the pink bra that creates more cleavage to go with this top. The bra shows under this top. If I go out, I will change to top to a darker color.

I wanted to show the change from just 31 days ago. I have much more breast tissue and I am creating this cleavage with out a push-up padded bra. This just that 36A pink bra with the smaller coverage. Because of the smaller coverage, I can push the tissue toward my breast bone.

Today does not feel like I am dressing up. This feels normal.

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