Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday July 3, 2016 - All Bras are not the same

Friday I bought two new 36A bras. Well, Saturday I wore one all day and Sunday, I wore the other one all day. There was a big difference between them.

Before I get into the differences, there is a difference between my sports bras and my new regular bras. The sports bras have kept me flat over the past few decades when presenting as a man. Now that my breasts are filling out, these bras do not keep me as flat and because there is no padding, I am having problems when my nipples become pronounced. This is spontaneously happening more and more. The new bras are padded and hide erect nipples. But the new bras  produce a more pronounced breast outline. As my breasts grow, this will make hiding when in boy mode much more difficult. Which in turn may require me to come out full time much sooner.

I wore the green and silver bra on Saturday. The band was a perfect size as it hugged by body and felt so natural. The cups were large enough to hold both the width and depth of each breast. Its a soft cup bra that wears well. I did not notice it all day. It kept me feeling comfortable and secure. I made sure my shirt was big enough, so my breast line did not show.

The pink bra was a completely different story. Even though it was also a 36A, the band was tight around me. Because it was a triangle or balette style, the cups did not completely cover my breasts. I had to position the cups to cover as much as possible without breast tissue showing under the cup or outside under my armpits. This meant I had to let more breast tissue push out toward the center of my chest. I soon realized that this type of bra is good for showing cleavage with a low cut top.

The above picture is my pink bra under a low cut T-shirt. You can see the cleavage and that one side is now larger than the other. The right side is slightly larger.

I did not feel as secure or comfortable with this top as I did with Saturday's green bra. I also realized that not all 36A bras are the same.

I am going to find some more bras over the next month and I need to become more aware of the style and that all 36A bras do not fit the same.

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