Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday July 17, 2016 - Day 37 of HRT - Changes

Today I woke up with that feeling of smallness and venerability. I woke up wanting to be  held and told everything would be OK. I do not feel that old projection of power. Its not weakness but like I mentioned in a previous blog I am more timid and careful.

I have noticed in the past few days that I do not get that usually head nod from other black guys when we make contact. It still happens some times but its not 100% anymore.

There is silence between my legs. I am no longer being driven sexually, from that area. It now comes from that overall feeling of wanting to be hugged. Its part of that protection feeling. When I think of that, I get aroused.

When I stretch my arms out, I my muscle definition is not as prominent. There is still a liitle definition but my arms and shoulders muscles seem smaller. My legs still that the definition because of the the years of heavy cardio that are leg based. But even there, the definition is not as pronounced.

My big recent change, I noticed are my fingernails. They have gotten so long and have not broken. I tried to see how long they would grow or when they would break from everyday activity. My left hand (I am right handed) nails have never been this long.

Up until my thirties, I use to bite my nails. Then I stopped in the 1990's because I acknowledged by "crossdressing" and I wanted longer nails. But I would always have them break and crack. My right hand nails were always broken. But yesterday, my middle daughter noticed how long my nails were and asked how I got them that way. Hers are always short and break. She has very thin nails. I told her I was just working at it and stopped biting my nails.

My left hand nails are now too long for a male But Ok for Susan. I am going to cut them down today (about half) and let then grow out again.

The current state of my nails indicate that after transition I do not need nail extension. I might be lucky enough to maintain very pretty nails with just a  manicure to maintain shape and have then painted.

I do not think my breasts have grown recently and my left side is bigger and fuller than my right. But I expect overtime for them to even out.

Overall at the start week 6, I am pleased with how I am progressing and I have incorporated taking my meds into my daily routine.

I just need to get back into the gym and try to burn off some fat around my stomach. It means cardio in an attempt to reduce overall fat. Maybe the meds will help reduce fat in no female areas faster. I sure hope so.

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