Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday July 23, 2016 - Choosing a nail salon.

I picked my current nail salon by going to the nail salon I randomly picked way back in 1994. Yes, 22 years ago, I spent my first week as a full-time woman. On my way, I randomly stopped at a nail salon to have my first set of acrylic nails. It was a very pleasant experience. So, I decided go become a regular 20+ years later.

The current owner and employees have always been so nice to me. I always present as a femboy or now as Susan. They have never seen me in boy mode. I have had some great conversations with the owner about clothes and fashion along with general chit chat.

Some of you girls may not have been to a salon recently. If not, please go and try at least a pedicure. They are amazing. And if you are still in the closet, you can hide your feet with socks. Also, men now go to the salon to get pedicures.

If you are looking for a salon, I found this video and thought the advise was very helpful.

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