Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday July 24, 2016 - HRT after 6 weeks

When I started, I figured I would make a monthly post discussing the physical and mental changes from HRT. Well in the beginning the effects were rapid and almost daily, so I began to tweet daily about it (See right). However, daily became too often, now that the effects have slowed.

I decided weekly might be the best, followed by a monthly post with measurements. I will still tweet when something new or rapid changes happen.


  1. I feel much calmer. 
  2. I like and need more hugs.
  3. No crying bouts yet


  1. My skin is smoother. 
  2. I shaved on Saturday, the first time in 6 weeks and there was not much body hair. 
  3. My figure is changing as I lose upper body muscle
  4. Saturday for the first time, I felt my chest move as I walked. I am so happy about that
  5. I trimmed my finger nails which have not broken or cracked since I started

Overall, things are moving slowly but surely. I still believe that after 13 weeks, (or 3 months), I will see a lot more changes.

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