Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday March 9, 2015 - Unisex Bathrooms

One of our worst fears as a T-person is using the bathroom. Trying to determine which bathroom to use and/or if the bathroom is empty.

The polling shows that the majority of Americans want transgender people to use the bathroom based on their birth gender.

A CBS poll in March 2014, 59% of people want us to use the bathroom based on our birth gender.Only 26% of people want transgender people to use the bathroom based on their presentation.

A few states have passed or are trying to pass laws that restrict our bathroom options.

Here comes technology to the rescue.

There is a web site with an Apple app (there is an unofficial Android app) called Refuge. You can use your smartphone to find a unisex bathroom in your area. Check it out.

I checked Atlanta, Orlando, and Groton CT. I found bathrooms in each city. Well the bathroom was not in Groton but New London. That's close by Atlanta standards :-}.

You can add bathrooms to the database from the web site. I added a couple I knew about in Atlanta.

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  1. I think that smart phone apps for safe restrooms can go a long way to solving the bathroom issue. I tend to have a negative reaction to the growth of government and the creation of new rules and regulations. We are already strangled with laws and rules about so many aspects of our lives.
    At the same time when people are out and about, both cis gender and transgender folks, we want to feel comfortable and safe and, at least for me, I never want to make anyone feel unsafe or uncomfortable. As a rather large person my sheer mass can intimidate people regardless of my gender presentation.