Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday March 22, 2015 - Working on my finger nails

Yesterday, I discussed developing a feminine routine to keep your body feeling  and looking feminine. These four routines can be done even if you are still in the closet.

I was asked to discuss  Nail routine in more detail. I have an earlier post on my body cleaning routine.

My Nails
I like to keep my finger nails clean and well kept. I now get a pedicure every two weeks, so I no longer have a routine for my toe nails.

Below are my tools that I use for my finger nail routine. I go through this routine, at least once a week. I do this while watching TV.


I use this remover with a cotton ball

I like the pads with remover already on the pad

Main Nail Clipper

Side Nail Clipper 

Plastic Cuticle Pusher

Wooden Cuticle Pusher

Six Sided File

Four Sided File

Hand Scub

Hand Lotion

Clear Nail Polish

Clear Nail Hardener


If I have on nail polish, I remove it with either a paid or a cotton ball with nail polish poured on it.

I keep clear polish on, so I remove it first. I hold the wipe or cotton ball on my polished nail for a few seconds before I wipe the polish off.

This gives the remover a chance to soak in before removing.

After I remove the polish, I soak my fingers in warm soap water for three to five minutes per hand.

I soak one hand and then work on it. Then I soak the other hand.

I use either the wooden or plastic cuticle to push back my cuticles. The cuticle area is the thin layer of skin over the nails at the base. The warm water softens them, which makes them easier to push back.

If I need to, I clip each nail to keep them the same length and shape. I will file the ends later to smooth them.

Use the file to file the top of each nail. Either the four or six sided file has different levels of coarseness. I use the higher coarse level first to smooth out ridges. Then move from most to least coarse side which will make my nail smooth and shiny.

When removing ridges, I do not remove too much nail. Just take your time to remove just enough to smooth out the ridges.

I move from  nail to nail until each finger looks like it has clear polish on it. Their will have a nice shine to them.

I f you do not want the shine, then do not use the last (least coarse) file.

File the edges of each nail to get the exact shape on each nail. I file in the same direction across each nail. This will reduce spliting and cracking of the nail. Also tilt your file downward to include a slight area under the nail.

 I use the four/six sided file. I use one of the middle coarse sides.

I like this part because I remember my sister and mother doing this when I was growing up. I wanted to join them.

So I get to watch my favorite TV show while filing my nails.

I wash my hands and then put some sea salt scrub on my hands. I rub them together which exfoliates and cleans.

After I wash this scrub off, they feel so smooth. If you have not tried this, you will find the results amazing.

Once the scrub was been completely washed off, I lotion my hands.

My hands will feel so feminine and look great after the lotion has been rubbed in.

Finally, I add two coats of clear polish. At Sally Beauty Supply Store, I did find a non-shiny clear polish. It does work, but it does not last long. I used it as a second coat and it started to peel off after a few days.

So, I use two coats of shiny clear polish or one coat of polish and one coat of hardening polish.

Of course, this is optional, if you do not want that polished look. I have no problem with being polished. Even at my job, its not an issue.

This routine takes awhile to get use to and some time to complete. I try to complete this weekly and even if you are still in the closet, most people will say nothing.

I find that most ladies will admire the look. I find most women like "guys" with clean and nicely manicured hands.

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