Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wednesday March 4, 2015 - My Femboy day

Yesterday was my electrology day and I was spending the day as a Femboy. After I got dressed, for some reason, I wanted to wear a pair of wedges with an open toe.

I has some flats but just wasn't feeling them. It's so great when you can dress how you feel. I felt like heels.

But, I do not consider heels part of a Femboy outfit. Flats yes and of course lady sneakers but not heels or wedges. My inner Susan pulled a tantrum and wanted wedges. So I wore a pair.

I has an open toe brown pair, I bought from Payless. With my pink painted nails, they looked good but too feminine.

I went to my appointment and noticed my electrologist looking down at my feet. No problem, they looked cute.

As she was working on me, she stated that I appeared so calm today. I told her, I felt like wearing wedges today and that I was feeling calm. I was not having one of those moments like a few weeks ago, when I felt so vulnerable.

After my session, I patted away the tears and put in some makeup (mascara, lip gloss and blush).

I decided to go to the shoe store and look for some women sneakers to wear while working out. Only the staff was in the store. I said hello to one lady, but she did not respond. I passed the second lady but her head was down and she was concentrating on changing box price tags.

A few seconds later, with my back turned, she asked if I needed help "Ma'am are you finding everything OK?" Ma'am? In a light voice, I said, thank you but I found it.

Wow, my back was turned to her and she saw the wedges and assumed I was female.

I looked at boots, flats, heels and sneakers, but did not see anything in my size or color that I liked. People were coming in and out and I was ignored.

As I left, I said bye and thank you to the first staff person and she forces a "bye" out of her mouth. I got in the car and headed home. I wanted to spend the day out and about, but I have a client who needs some work completed by 6 pm.

I do not know if I am ready to wear heels as a Femboy. But, I want to keep pushing the envelop. Its that Susan who is pushing me so fast. As I said the other day, she is going to be hard to control.

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