Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday March 14, 2015 - My new exercise outfit

In today's post, I am presenting my new Femboy exercise outfit. I have both the old look and the new look below.

My new look has yoga pants and a T-shirt from Goodwill. The sneakers and socks are from Shoe Show.

I do not wear makeup because I do at least 60 minutes of high intensity cardio and sweat a lot.

I am going to buy another pair of sneaker. I am not sure which one. Below is a pinterest board of some women sneakers I like.

Follow Susan King's board Women sneakers on Pinterest.
You can see the style type of sneaker I like. Its basically about the color. I now have a pink based outfit. I have another pink T-shirt to vary this outfit.

I need three more outfits. Once I find the yoga pants I like, with the snugness at the bottom, I will build the rest of the outfit around those pants.

My second pair of sneakers will need to have more than two colors, so I can mix and match the sneakers around the other outfits. 

I will start wearing my new outfit, during my next workout.

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