Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday March 15, 2015 - The Rest of My Tuesday Femboy Day - Part 1

Wednesday, I discussed what happened on Tuesday when I tried to complete my new Femboy exercise outfit.

 Again, this is my complete Tuesday, which started at 9:30 am and did not finish until midnight

  • Electrologists
  • Zaxby's Restaurant - Lunch
  • Foxy Nails - Manicure and new toe nail polish
  • Shoe Shoe - sneaker
  • Walmart - leggings
  • Goodwill (3 stores) - Workout Clothes
  • Wendy's - Dinner
  • Ollies Store - just looking
  • CVS - lotion and cleaning pads
  • McDonalds - Late night snack

  • The red items were discussed in Wednesday's post. The other eight will be discussed today.

    As I said earlier there were no negative reactions. If there were, I did not notice them. I was in my own Susan world thinking about what I wanted to do, act more feminine, be more aware of my surroundings (for safety)  and enjoy the pretty day as a pretty Femboy. 

    In general I was usually referred to as Sir. But sometimes it was ma'am and a few guys opened the door for me. Everyone treated me well and I felt good in my own skin and how I presented. Sometime I hesitated, but I said what would my boy mode do and then I would do the same.

    I am getting to the point, but not there yet, to just do what I want without hesitating about my look. I think confidence is having a lot to do with it. I am not looking for rejection. I am a feminine guy living my life. I think for many people it is no big deal.

    Only the bathroom is still a problem. I had that issue come up Tuesday.

    Electrology Session
    I went for my weekly session. Before we started, I talked about how happy I am with her work.  This is about my 12th session her. I expect this to last another 20-30 sessions. Before starting here, I spent 2 years (about 110 hrs) with e3000 in Dallas.

    Last week my electrologist stated how calm and relaxed I looked during my session.  I told her that last week I wore wedges with an open toe because it was how I felt. I love women clothes because I can express how I feel and last week I felt pretty, feminine and relaxed. I was very happy that she noticed it.

    She stated that she did not remember my wedges. However, I though she did because she looked at my feet when I walked in. But it does not matter. I felt great.

    Zaxby's Restaurant
    After my session, I decided to get to lunch. I did not have a taste for anything in particular. I picked Zaxby's because its across the street from the nail salon. I am not a Zaxby's supporter because of their spokesman. But I like their house salad with grilled chicken.

    I decided to eat inside. Afterward, I had to use the bathroom.I was worried as to which one to use. I was about a 15 minute drive from a unisex bathroom. So I went to Zaxby's men's bathroom and slowly opened the door. Thank goodness, it was a one person bathroom. So I entered and locked the door.  Before I left the bathroom, I check my makeup and then left the bathroom and restaurant.

    Foxy Nail
    I went next door to the nail salon. I wanted a manicure and change my toe nail polish. This is my third time coming here. Now I get the same tech. She is from Cambodia and speaks very little English. However this time we tried to community more. She seems to be learning English and I am learning "woman" ;-}

    She does good work. I like the design on my big toe and I like this color better than the pink from two weeks ago.

    While she was giving me a manicure, Ming stated she like my look. I told her thank you. She cut my finger nail too low, but my finger nails were a mess. So I though starting from scratch will help me keep them in better shape. I need to develop a weekly routine on my finger nails.

    After my Nail Salon session, I went to the local Walmart to look for more legging. I was hoping there were some on sale. A couple of weeks ago, I found four pair of leggings in my size (4/6) for only $7 each instead of the $12.99.

    I got out of my car and walked in without thinking about it. Except to make sure I had a slightly feminine talk and attitude. I enjoy my feminine persona. I would never imagine, just 3 months ago, I would walk into a busy Walmart and walk around without sneaking around and looking nervous. I am who I am and I am not nervous anymore. I am confident, calm and a pretty Femboy.

    I did not find any legging on sale. But I saw a pair I really liked. I am going to go back and get a pair. I love the above color for the spring.

    In the next few days, I will talk about the rest of my day. After my visit to three Goodwill store, I went to Wendy's, Ollie's, CVS and McDonalds's.

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    1. These days sound so familiar darling. I remember getting used to going to my Meijer in drag . . . at first I just wore leggings that I had bought. One day I went in with press-on nails, using the self-checkout.

      The alarm went off as I left and some lady ran up to me and was SO NICE! She asked me where I got my nails and everything. Checked my receipt and off I went.

      I came back in dressed fully female and that's MY Meijer. I go there for everything.

      Have a fabulous day sweetie! Thank you for sharing!