Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday March 18, 2015 - Tuesday was another Femboy day.

Last week, I spent three days out in my Femboy mode. I could not wait to get back out yesterday. I had my weekly electrology session.

It was over 70 degrees Tuesday. Most of my outfits are for cold weather. So today, after my session, I went out looking for spring and summer clothes. I have not gone out in my Femboy mode during warm or hot weather.

I do not need a coat, sweater, jacket or hoodie. My leggings are OK for now. But I am going to have to figure out some shorts or knee length pants.

I have a few short sleeve female shirts and a few spaghetti tops. But I need to figure out a basic look for spring and summer. Just like I have a basic look for fall and winter.  Then build on that basic look.

I went out to Goodwill looking for a warm weather outfit.

Below are a few pictures of my outfit yesterday. I wore a female shirt with a white spaghetti strap top. I kept the shirt open, so the white top showed across my chest along with a green pendant for St Patrick's day. I had on dark brown leggings, knee hi stockings and a caramel colored flat shoe. The picture below on the right has me in those cute light brown open toe heels from Payless.

Here was my outfit for Tuesday
Here I am at Payless Shoes with those cute brown open toe heels I liked

 I found these jeans at Goodwill. I love the color and fit. I think they will work as part of my warm weather outfit.

Here is an example of my warm weather outfit. I have a nice thin T-shirt with short sleeves. Under that T-shirt is a solid color t-shirt without sleeves. I can create a multi-layer look. The outside shirt will have a print and nice color. It will end at or below my hips.

Then I can wear jeans, like those I found at Goodwill yesterday. Or I can buy some shorts that are above the knee or leggings at or below the knee.

I did not find any shorts or leggings to try on Tuesday. But I bought 5 T-shirts and those rose jeans.

I need to brighten up my shoes, with a white and other bright colored flats. I have an open toe orange pair.

Its going to be fun finding these outfits.

I am still looking for new workout outfits. So I will be busy shopping the next few weeks. I can not wait.


  1. Love the jeans, great find. They will be perfect for Spring and Summer. They're a nice POP of color