Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wednesday March 25, 2015 - Yesterday was another Femboy Day

Yesterday, I enjoyed my day out. I am so at ease now, I am ready to transition to this look full time. I can not wait.

Well I had my electrology session in the morning. It hurt around the mouth and especially the mustache area. Luckily, I do not have much more hair in that area. But it still makes the tears flow.

After my session was complete, I went into the restroom to apply my makeup.

Usually, I do not eat until after the session because of time. Therefore, my stomach allways growls during my session. This time, I stopped at Smoothie King to get something to eat before the session. I like their Yogurt Delight smoothie with strawberries and I make it a skinny (limited sugar). I talked with the young lady making my smoothie and when the next customer came it, I said hello. The customer went to sit down and I told her that her hair was a nice and I liked the style. She smiled and said thank you.

I mentioned last week, that I am going to talk more when out. My voice is still male, but I am trying to learn how to make it less masculine. I am not trying to pass as a women. I am just a feminine man. I do not want a heavy male voice but just s softer voice with female tendencies. This will help me develop my female voice for when I need to pass.

Two weeks ago, we had water damage in our house, due to an overflowing toilet on the second floor. The State Farm adjusted wanted to come Tuesday. So I set a 2 pm appointment, knowing I was in Femboy mode. You can see a picture of him, in his red State Farm shirt and his van.

I got home from Goodwill shopping at 1:54 pm and he was waiting for me. I went in the house and put my pocketbook and Goodwill bag down on the kitchen counter. Then I opened the door for him. I was in Femboy mode and he said hello. He did not flinch or appear surprised. I showed him the damage on the first and second floor.

We talked for over 20 minutes and I answered all of his questions. It was like being in boy mode. Now of course, as State Farm adjuster, he can not be rude to the customer and I am sure he has seen many things. But for me, this was a "step onto the ledge".

I set this meeting up because I wanted to try this and see what will happen. He was not uncomfortable and neither was I.

This was a test. Just like my visit with my brother's condominium, I need to mentally feel comfortable presenting this way. I think the public already is. As the media projects transpeople as regular hardworking and honest members of society,  society will accept us (or at least tolerate us) as members of the community.

We must learn to accept ourselves.

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