Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday March 20, 2015 - Spent Thursday in Femboy mode

It was cold and raining in Atlanta yesterday. Its that strange weather of hot one day and cold the next as spring fights its way in.

I was inside most of the day but dressed in my feminine attire.

I did go out to Office Depot to copy some papers and buy some storage boxes, light bulbs  and a thumb drive. Afterwards, I went to Quicktrip to buy a slice of pizza and refill my QT cup with ice water.

As usual I had no issues in either place. In Office Depot, I asked employee where the light bulbs were and talked to the guy at the computer section. In both cases, they called me sir, which was OK. At the check out, the young guy did not know what to call me, so he did not use a pronoun.

I found what I needed and interacted with various employees. The interaction is new as I feel more comfortable being me.

Next week, I am going to start interacting with other female customers as another female by asking their opinion and giving them compliments.

At Quicktrip, a guy opened the door for me and I whispered Thank You. Once in the store, I grabbed a slice of pizza and filled my Quicktrip. I paid and left.

I use that QT all the time and they have seen me in both boy and femboy mode.

As I stated earlier, I am getting comfortable with my feminine attire.

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