Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday March 27, 2015 - Exercise

Thursday, I worked out in one of my new Femboy outfits. I am wearing two T-shirts. The outer t-shirt has a low V-shape collar with nice print and lower helm line. The inner t-shirt is grey with a higher neckline and higher helm. The inner shirt matches my leggings. The two shirts give me a nice double color top and did a good job of absorbing the sweat from 60 minutes of cardio.

I am wearing a grey yoga pair of pants. I could not find one I liked with a top color band. But I will keep searching Goodwill until I find one. I added my black and dark pink sneakers. I changed the shoe string color to match the outer shirt.My ankle socks are dark pink to match the sneakers.

I am going to look for a second pair of sneaker to provide another alternative for my outfits.Once I buy the second pair of sneakers, I will buy additional ankle socks that match the variety of outfit colors.

I had no issues with my outfit as everyone was busy working out. I like these outfits and I look better in them than the old baggy t-shirt and baggy shorts to the knee.

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