Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday March 16, 2015 - Rest of my Tuesday as a Femboy - Part 2

Most of this week, I posted about the great Tuesday I had. This post is about the rest of that day after my visits to Goodwill.

After I left the last Goodwill, I went to Wendy's to eat and complete some work using my laptop.

I ordered my usual large Chili, side salad and Jr. Frosty. This totals 460 calories. One thing I do while eating as a Femboy is practice how to eat as a women. I slow down and take smaller bites. While chewing my food, I put the fork or spoon down. Putting my utensil down slows down my eating. I just relax and enjoy the food. I sit up straight and bring the food to my mouth and not slump over my food. This takes a lot of practice because as a guy I learned to eat fast and hover over my food.

Again, I had no issue with my appearance. It's interesting that 20 years ago, young people who use to be a problem are now supportive. The young lady who took my order said she liked my bracelet.

Ollie's Bargain Outlet
I heard about this store, so I decided to go in a check it out. I went inside without hesitation. I personally, did not like the store. It seems like a clearance store with many "no-name" items. I did not find anything I liked.

I did not have any issues with people while in the store. I am trying to get to the point where I go anywhere anytime as a Femboy.

On my way back home, I wanted to go to Krogers to pick up my glaucoma medicine. However, the pharmacy was closed. So I decided to go to CVS and pick up some items.

I went in and used the coupon scanner to see if I had any coupons. I did have some but they were for items I did not need. I found my two items and headed for the check out. The store was closing soon, so all the customers were up front paying for their items and the security guard was near the front door to make sure new customers could not get in. I caught the security guard looking at me a couple of times. Each time  I saw him looking, I just smiled.. On my way out, he opened the door for me and I said thank you.

I was hungry because I do not eat much while in Femboy or woman mode. So I went by a Quiktrip convenience store to buy a hot dog. I drove up to the store. But decided not to go in. I got nervous because there was a group of guys that I did not feel comfortable walking pass. I do not know if I was nervous because of my outfit or my woman radar was telling me this looked unsafe. So I left.

I decided to got to McDonalds. I do not like McDonalds, but its drive thru was open. I bought a double hamburger without cheese. Once I left McDonald's, I did not want to go home. I was having such I good time, I wanted to stay out. It was about 11 pm. I called my brother, because I thought about going to visit him. I told him in January about being transgendered. He has not seen me in Femboy or women mode. I thought this would be a good time, However, he did not answer his phone, I suspected he was sleep.

So, at 12:00 pm, I was home.

As I got ready for bed, I knew I was ready to be a Femboy full-time. I know I may run  into a negative situation sometimes and that may take me back a step or two. But I think society no longer has a major problem with individual transpeople. There maybe an individual who has an issue with me. But most people are beyond trans issues except the bathroom issue. They see so much on World Star, Youtube, TMZ and other online outlets, that a guy looking feminine or in a dress is not a big issue anymore.

The main issue is me. In our minds we have had decades of dysphoria, guilt, shame and/or mental anquish about out internal feminitity, that sometime we are still our worst enemy.

It reminds me of when my Dad bought me my first new car, as a College sophomore. I decided to by a Datsun B210. He bought, but he complained about buying a Japan car. It was 1975, but to him WWII, was still and issue, even though it was 40 years after the war. At the time, I did not say anything about the war but argued for the car I wanted. To myself, I said my Dad is crazy talking about this old history that I did not car about.

Here we are, worried about "WWII" and most people in the US were not born 40 years ago. They see transgender people and issues everyday on TV and the Internet. Its not a big issue to them anymore.

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