Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesday March 11, 2015 - My Femboy Day

I am still coming off my high of spending yesterday as a Femboy. I left at 9:15 am and did not get home until midnight. I had so much fun and went everywhere without an issue.

Where I  went:
  1. Electrologists
  2. Zaxby's Restaurant - Lunch
  3. Foxy Nails - Manicure and new toe nail polish
  4. Shoe Show - sneakers
  5. Walmart - leggings
  6. Goodwill (3 stores) - Workout Clothes
  7. Wendy's - Dinner
  8. Ollies Store - just looking
  9. CVS - lotion and cleaning pads
  10. McDonalds - Late night snack

In today's blog, I will talk about Goodwill and Shoe Show and my attempt to find some new female workout clothes. Tomorrow, I will discuss what happened at the other stores.

Yesterday, in every situation, I do not have one negative reaction, but I had  many positive reactions.

A few posts ago, I stated that I wanted to feminize my workout wardrobe. I already have a few nice female T-shirts that I will keep. So I wanted to add some more T-shirts, find some yoga pants and a couple of sneakers.

After my electrology session, I went to the a shoe show store and found a nice pair of women sneakers that will match the yoga pants, I currently own. While at the store, I could not resist trying on some other shoes.

I like both shoes. I am going to go back and buy the blue flat pair because I can wear it with my blue leggings. As much as I love those heels and I think they look nice, I do not need them. So, I will not buy them. Ouch!

I tried the shoes on in the store and walked to the full length mirror. No one said anything. I thought someone might compliment me on the heels. (Am I getting too vain :-}?)  Those heels fit very well and I love the color and thick straps.

I went to three different Goodwill stores. All three had a large variety of T-shirts. I only wanted T-shirts on sale and I still had a lot of them to try on. The ones I picked are in the slideshow below.

I found some yoga pants, but I want the pants without the flair at the bottom. I could not find any of those in my size.

While shopping at Goodwill, I discover a lot of items I would buy. I could be a hoarder but I stuck to workout outfits.

But I did buy this one fall sweater. It was 1/2 price and the color and style was perfect.

At the first store, the checkout, the young  lady struck up a conversation with me. She was ready the leave work and she only had 1 hour to go. She said she did not like working at the store. I told her to stay but look for another job.

She then told me that when I come back, I should look her up and say hello. Then she added that I should remain true to who I am, she liked that I was being real (authentic) and liked my style. I told her thank you and that I will say hello when I come back.

Interestingly, this is the same Goodwill store where another lady came up to me and asked if I was a fashion designer because she loved my Femboy look and style.

Below is a slideshow of what I bought at Goodwill and Shoe Show.

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