Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursday March 12, 2015 - Another Femboy Day

I am feeling so comfortable and confident in my Femboy look, that I decided to keep that look for another day. I am not going out much because I have work to complete.

I need to go to the local Shoe Show to check out that blue flat. I took my blue (Teal) leggings to match the color. The color was off, so I decided against it. I have a blue flat in my closet from Payless. That show is closer in color, so I will not buy that Shoe Show pair.

My money is tight until Friday, so I am not going to shop today. Even though I do need some items. I will wait until Friday.

I went with a brown and creme outfit. I added a pretty ankle bracket. The rest of my outfit included:
1) Light brown shoes from Shoe Show
2) Dark Brown leggings from Walmart
3) Short sleeve creme sweater from Goodwill
4) Multi-Color brown jacket from Goodwill - this jacket brings all the colors together
5) Brown hat from Goodwill
6) Light orange bracelet from a Micheal's
7) Dark brown and gold bracelet from a Mall Kiosk

This is the new pair I checked at at Shoe Show today.

This is the pair from Payless Shoes, I currently own.

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