Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday March 3, 2015 - Electrology Day and Femboy Day

Well, its my weekly trip to the pain center..... I mean electrologist. :-]. It's not that bad. I will tear up when she is working around my mouth. But It is worth it. I on longer shave nor do I have a beard shadow.

It may rain but it is also warming up. So I do not expect to need a coat. I have a couple of wool hoodies or nice colorful jackets. I will wear one with a spaghetti  trap top and my leggings with flats.

After my appointment, I am going to do some shopping at an outlet center and go to sit down restaurant to treat myself to lunch. It will also allow me to practice eating more like a lady:

  1. Elbows in
  2. Do not hunch over the food
  3. Smaller bites
  4. Eat slower
  5. Bring food to mouth

I will be shopping for some yoga pants and long t-shirts as a new workout outfit.

I will also look for some new female workout sneakers.

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