Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday March 23, 2015 - Odds and Ends

Its been going on for over a month. Every once in awhile, I smell the body order or general smell of men around me. I use to never have this happen to me. Yesterday, I was at the mall waiting in line to buy a Subway sandwich. The young guy in front of me had a bad body order.

Now, sometimes I talk to people who may have bad breath. But I never remember smelling odors. I may walk by a guy and get whiff of it. Last weekend, I was in a crowded elevator and smelled a guy near me.

Now I know many women who have a keen sense of smell. I read once where a woman's sense of smell was a way of protecting the family from bad food.

My Dad told me when I was a teenager that if I wanted a girlfriend I needed to shower and wear cologne. Also, he taught me to carry mints to keep my breath fresh because women have a keen sense of smell.

I use to not smell anybody. My nose must have been off duty when it comes to smells.

But for some reason, my nose is on full alert and its searching guys.

Saturday, I took some selfies. I tried on different outfits and took some pictures with my phone. I downloaded a nice Android app that helped me control the front facing camera. I am going to post a set of these pictures soon.

For me it was a big deal. Over the past decades, I hated looking at myself. I rarely looked at myself in the mirror. But now I like how I look and I like looking in the mirror to check to make sure everything is perfect.

So I am taking this time to study what looks good on me and experiment. It was fun and I took some good pictures. I am developing a post in which I will look at how certain clothes work well with my body and some that do not look good..

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