Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday March 17, 2015 - Last Friday

Last Friday, I was so excited about the new reality show, that I decided to spend my third day out of four as a Femboy. It's becoming my regular mode. I feel my Femboy look is becoming my regular dress.

I went to Kroger to get my prescription. They know me as a guy and said nothing unusual in my current outfit. It was raining and cold, so I wore:

  1. Creme Coat
  2. Grey leggings
  3. Grey/Black tights
  4. Grey flats
  5. Red sweater
  6. Heart shaped pendant on my necklace
  7. Red and grey shell bracelets
  8. White and grey bracelet
  9. My little kitty ring

After Kroger, I called my brother and decided to visit him. He is starting a new business and wanted to talk about it. In January, I told my brother about my life long battle with gender. So supported me, so this was a good time for him to see me as I am.

I told him I would bring lunch. I had a taste for a salad bar. I went to another Kroger store closer to my brother, but they did not have a salad bar. So I went to a Publix store that I know has one because I ate there before. I went in a made a salad to go. I added six hot wings, four hot chicken tenders and some lobster bisque soup.

The Publix clerk at the chicken bar did not speak to me and had a weird look on his face. But I called him by name before I ordered and said thank you followed by his name when he handed me my food.

The young guy at the check out counter was nice and said hello. I returned a hello, followed by his name. I paid for the food and left.

I got to my brother's condo and he let me in and said hello. I took the food in the kitchen and got some plates and laid the food out.

We talked about his business idea, which was pretty good. He is going to work his own small business under a company called Icracked. They will send him leads for his area and he fixes Iphone, Ipad and Samsung crack screens using their parts. He can also find his own leads. He just has to use their parts and Icrack offers a two year warranty on the screen.

After talking for 30 minutes while I ate my salad with some buffalo chicken tenders, he remarked about my clothes. He asked if this is my new look. I said yes but it will become more feminine over time, once my electrology work is complete.

He said he was fine with it. We hung out for four hours talking about his business and mine.

This was the first time I ever hung out and felt comfortable with family as a feminine person. It felt great and natural. I will tell my sister, next time I see her. Her husband is a good friend but very religious. Telling him might be tough and hanging out with him, even in his house, may not work.

Finally, I decided to go to the gym in my first Femboy outfit. I just switched from LA Fitness to Planet Fitness. It was cold, so I had on a sweat suit and coat over my outfit. I used the men's room. I took off my coat and sweat suit. I got my headphones out, walked to the elliptical machine and did an hour of cardio while watching the Maxtrix 3.

I did not notice anyone staring at me. Everyone was busy doing their workout, which included me. Once I finished, I dried off with my towel, put on my sweats (female set) and coat. My coat was male because I only have the two female coats and I did not want to get them sweaty.

When I got home and I showered. That is my usual routine because I always like to shower at home.

It was another fun day out. No problems and no negative feedback.

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