Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday February 28, 2016 - Playing dressup

Yesterday, I did get a change to play around with one of my dresses and try to build a wardrobe around it. It was an older dress and not one of my recent dresses for my Ohio trip.

Did not have time to play with my makeup. So pardon not atleast putting on lipstick.

I worked with a pretty brown, white a teal dress that has thick shoulder straps.

I tried this dress with and without the sweater and with a variety of shoes. I liked the jewelry I choose. The red and purple bangles around my wrist was an attempt to bring out the red specks in the sweater.

I recently bought this sweater for this dress. I wanted to give this dress another look.

Unlike boy clothes, I do not like wearing the same outfit twice. So I need to buy items that change the look of outfits.

Here is my outfit with a low height wedge and sweater
Here is the same outfit but without the sweater. My shoulders are more prominent without the sweater.
 Here is the outfit without the sweater and I am wearing flats.
 Here is the outfit without the sweater and the higher wedge heel. These are the shoes I wore in Orlando that "killed" my feet after wearing them over eight hours.

I have decided to keep these wedges. But I will wear them only for a short time.
 This outfit has the higher wedges but with the sweater. This sweater reduces the look of my shoulders.
This is me in the same outfit as above but from a sitting position.

I like this flowery dress. The hemline is a good length. However, the straps make hiding my bra straps difficult. The sweater improves the outfit and was definitely a wise purchase.

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