Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday January 23, 2016 - My Shoes

Saturday, I went shoe shopping at a local Payless Shoe store. I like to visit these stores when I am out of town, just to see if they have some different styles.

I like Payless because of their variety of shoes in women's size 12. I wore a pair of Payless boots all day from about 9 am until 7 pm. I was able to walk in them all day with out pain. However when I took them off to try on some shoess, my feet were sore.

The socks definitely protected my feet and ankles from shoe rubbing. But the soreness made it difficult for me to stand. I just gutted it out because I wanted to try on a couple of pairs of shoes.

When I got back to the hotel, I took my boots off and soaked my feet in the bathtub, using hot water. I have read hot water, cold water or switching between the two is best. I just used hot water. After soaking and then sitting at the computer for awhile, my feet felt much better.

Now I know why my mother use to soak her feet after being out all day in heels.

Those boots were a winner yesterday and I will definitely wear them again. I took a picture and sent it to my daughter and thanked her for the birthday present.

I found only three pairs of shoes to try on. I took that short video with the red flats, using them as slippers and doing a Wizard of Oz wish for a Fashion Fair makeover.

Below are a picture of each pair I tried. I liked both heels.

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