Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wednesday February 17, 2016 - Dress Shopping

Yesterday, I went out looking for dresses and sweaters for my weekend Ohio car trip.

Today I wore my dark lipstick. When I started going out as a Femboy in late 2015, I wore clear lip gloss. Then by summer I started wearing red lipstick. That was a jump for me because a color  lipstick stretches the boundaries.

Now I am stretching again by going out with dark red lipstick. When I had my Clinque makeover in November 2015, The clerk introduced me to a darker shade and I really like it. So as Susan I started wearing that darker color. Now I am moving that color which is definitely feminine to my Femboy look.

I like the color. I wore it all day without any issues.

This is my outfit for the day:

  1. a red sweater
  2. Blue Jeans with a black belt
  3. Black/White pea coat
  4. black/red/green flower ballerina shoes
  5. red hat
  6. red/purple bangles

I had a clerk at Goodwill tell me that she loved my outfit and I looked nice today.

A lady at Vitamin Shoppee used female pronouns while serving me.

Overall, I had a few longer looks, but I assume that was because of my cute outfit.

I spent about 6 hours shopping for dresses, sweaters and coats. It is going to be in the 50's during day on Saturday and Sunday in Ohio. But the issue will be about the evening. If I go out after dark, I need a long coat.

So I visited two Goodwill stores to find something. Below is a slide show of what I tried on.


  1. I have a dress that is virtually identical to the flower print black shift. The few times I have worn it out I have received compliments on the look. I think it is a tad short for someone in their 60s but it is a fun dress to wear.

  2. Pat, I agree with you about the length of dresses on women over 60. I will be 60 this summer, but for some reason I keep picking dresses with hems above the knee. I know better but can not help it. I guess missing the teens, 20's, 30's, 40's and most of my 50's makes my mind still want shorter skirts. I think over time I can lower my hemline. But it's hard. Plus, I think I have nice legs.